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SayHeyy helps you spot other singles amidst the regular crowd with secret clues

Use the SayHeyy city clues to spot people around you who are open to chat

Every month SayHeyy CitySparks shares clues for clubs, cafes, and other places in the city

Only SayHeyy members have access to these clues

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Imagine you decide to hit a popular club or a cafe in the city. Utilize the clues to identify fellow SayHeyy singles present there

A clue can be as simple as “Wear your watch on your right hand”

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When you spot someone there with the clues, go and say “Hey”

SayHeyy singles are open to chat and connect

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Present across multiple cities in the world, SayHeyy CitySparks is the ultimate icebreaker

We email you the SayHeyy CitySparks clues every month. Here’s a sample

The CitySparks clues are fun and lively, and keep changing every month

SayHeyy takes your privacy very seriously!

No profiles, pictures, or phone numbers required! SayHeyy’s unique concept operates seamlessly without any of these

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Available in Selected Elite Cities

SayHeyy is an exclusive community, available only to selected members in the finest cities. Currently operating in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Singapore, Bali, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune

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